Baby Bugatti Build – Part 2 – Wings N Things

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I did not get much completed in part 2.  I’m a little slow on these builds, this is my second so far, but man I can’t wait to get this little Bugatti in the sky.  I think she will be a pocket rocket.  I really do enjoy scratch building these little foamies.  Its fun to turn flat things into 3D flying things and if I crash it I’m not worried about the family CFO is going to think.

you can see from the dry fit of things it is not a large airplane.  I think I’m probably going to end up putting a Lemon RX Stabilizer in here just to help myself out.

Baby Bugatti
Baby Bugatti












Baby Bugatti Flite Test Post By Ben Harber

Baby Bugatti Build Part 1

Baby Bugatti Build Part 1

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Before we can enjoy the flight of this little guy we’ve got to actually build it.  In order to build it, I started off by creating my templates with the plans and posterboard.  Once they were created I think cut out the rough parts from the templates.  I will then refine them to be the correct shape per the templates.  Once we’ve gotten our parts cut out we can start building the actual plan.  I hope you enjoy the video.

FliteTest Mini Arrow Build

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It’s been many years since I’ve flown RC Models.  I finally have had the chance in the last month to get back to a hobby I love.  I enjoyed building kits back in the day and figured since foam was all the rage I would have a go at that.  I have to say I think I’m hooked. I decided to build the FliteTest Mini Arrow to give me something with a little more speed and aerobatic ability.  You can see a few of the pictures here.

I have enjoyed getting my hands into building models again.  I even started playing with colors on the plane.  Don’t mind the mishmash of color and color schemes the messy fingerprints on the elevon.  I need some more practice with my rattle can skills and patience. I know for me it was a little intimidating getting back into building again.  Don’t let the pictures fool you I have lots of mistakes on this plane, but that is the point.  I will build until I am happy.  At the end of the day, it cost me a few dollars to build this and enjoy the experience, plus I will get to fly this little beauty.  I’m sure I will crash her sooner than later but guess what I will build another one.  If you are considering scratch building one of the FliteTest planes go for it.  Take the leap, take your time and remember that its inexpensive and most of it can be fixed with a little tape.

This plan is an absolute blast to build, it is very simple to cut out and easy to follow Josh Bixler’s build videos.

If spending the time cutting out the plans isn’t for you, they have a speed build kit that I also ordered after I started building my plane. The speed build kit is fantastic.  Well worth the money you spend.  I will be buying more but also building many more of these planes.

If you are interested in the plans you can find them here.  Take the leap have some fun build a plan and go fly.  I will post more here and on youtube as I finish this build out and have the chance to maiden her.  If you are interested in the youtube channel make sure to check it out and subscribe.

Playing with some masking tape for paint.
Trying a couple Ideas on one plane. I know what I like and I know where my next build is going color wise.

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